Where should the adhesive on the bag be for art and photography?

You have two options for adhesive bags. The adhesive will be on the flap or the backside of the bag. When the adhesive is on the flap, it's considered a flap seal bag. If the adhesive is on the backside, it's called a protective closure bag.

We also have no-flap bag option as well. That might be another good thing to look into. That is going to be open-ended on one side. The opening is the first measurement that is listed on our website or in our catalog.

Why would I want the adhesive on the back of the bag?

For photos and art, we recommend using the protective closure bag. With the adhesive on the backside of the bag itself, your pieces don't come in contact with the adhesive glue strip as you pull them in and out of the bag.

Why would I want to have the adhesive on the flap?

Flap seal bags are convenient for one-time use or when you don't intend to re-use them. You can buy one universal size that’s a little bit larger than the pieces you need to package. You can close a flap seal bag down to different lengths so that it becomes a one-size fits all bag.

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