How do I submit a sales tax exemption, and what happens afterward?


To set up reseller tax exemptions, create an online account, or login to your existing account. From the My Account page, click on the Tax Certificates tab and follow the on-screen instructions.

We recommend that you submit documentation for all states where you hold a tax exemption that you may use as a Shipping Destination. Doing so will eliminate processing delays on future orders.

Your account will be updated to reflect the tax exempt status only after we have received the required documentation. Please allow 2 business days for processing. If you submit your documentation and place an online order before you receive confirmation that your tax exemption has been processed, please add a note to your order, or reach out to Customer Service. Please provide your order number and the email address on the order. The Customer Service team will prioritize your tax exemption processing.

Once processed, when you log into your account on our website or call us directly to place an order, the sales tax exemption will automatically apply based on the rules of the Shipping Destination. 

Email: Submit completed AND signed forms to 

Fax:     Submit completed AND signed forms to 916-933-4717

Please reach out to Customer Service, or your account representative, with questions.

Get a tax exemption certificate, or find more information regarding exemptions for each state here.

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