What size bag should I choose for multiple photos?

All of our most popular bags can handle multiple photos. Always check how thick your stack or photos or artwork are before you order. Usually, you won't need more than a quarter inch of extra width on a bag.

A bag like our B75PC is 5 7/16" X 7 1/4", for instance, and will fit bulk 5x7 photos. If you need more space, it's going to go up by a half or whole inch. We have hundreds of sizes to choose from. The general rule of thumb is to add the thickness of your stack of photos or piece(s) of artwork to the width of a single photo, then add a 1/8" of an inch to be safe. This will be the suggested width of bag you should buy. Remember the opening side of the bag is the width measurement.

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If you need further assistance, contact customer service and ask them to do a size guide for you. There's also a photo and art bag sizing guide on our website.

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