What are your plate and setup fees for a custom order?

It all depends on the size, type of bag/box, and number of colors that are in the artwork. We would need to see your design before we can quote you on plate and setup fees (we have found that many people misjudge the number of plates they will need).

Note: The "printing fees" are equal to the cost of your plate fees, which are determined by the product, the colors, and the size of your order.

Let's give you a hypothetical example based on getting a four-color logo printed on a bag:

If you have 5X7 regular flap tape bag, for example, you’re more than likely looking at around $65-$75 a plate, so a four-color print would be $260-$300 in plate and setup fees.

However, if you’re getting a clear zipper bag, you’re looking at around $150-$200 a plate or `$600-$800 total in plate and setup fees (more because this bag is produced in a different factory).

Blister Trays and Thermoform Tray molds start at $150 and can cost as high as $900 depending on the design.

You can find a list of minimum order estimates on our custom packaging page.



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