How do you compost your Eco bags?

Composting guidelines vary widely based on material specifications. Additionally, every state and municipality will have unique composting capabilities. Commercial composting facilities are NOT YET quite as available as commercial recycling facilities.

Most of our compostable bags are made up of 100% PLA (Polylactic Acid), which is a renewable resource that is fully compostable. That being said, that does not mean that you can throw it in a backyard compost pile or in your trash going out to the landfill. Biodegradable and compostable are different things.

Generally, all green packaging requires proper disposing and/or recycling to be most effective. Our bags and stand up pouches made from PLA are no different. They are not suitable for normal recycling or backyard composting. These materials should be taken to a commercial composting facility where composting conditions can be closely controlled and monitored.

Please also note, plant-based material can perform differently than traditional poly bags and should be tested before use. Our eco bags can vary in thickness and side seam strength. Bags made from plants and other renewable sources can be affected by higher temperatures and may soften or lose their shape when exposed to high heat (remember, they are meant to degrade under extreme conditions). The texture of eco bags may be crisper or stiffer, but they are still considered well suited for packaging.

One thing we recommend our customers do to help communicate compostability quickly and easily is to use recognizable icons that their customers may be familiar with. Our PLA is certified compostable. That means it is backed by tests and the groups that perform those tests. There is an easy way to show that certification by applying one of these logos to your official ClearBags eco bags:

If you would like to use these symbols on your bags or get a copy of the associated certifications, please contact our customer service department and they can give you higher resolution versions to use in printing. We can also custom print directly on PLA products, which generally will not affect the compostability of the bag. 

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