What are your artwork submission guidelines?

When submitting artwork for a custom product, please follow the guidelines below to ensure timeliness and accuracy.


Please submit original, layered files in one of the following formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator (*.ai)
  • Encapsulated Post Script (*.eps)
  • Adobe Photoshop (*.psd)
  • Editable PDF (*.pdf)

All images and fonts should be embedded into the design file. Please be sure to communicate any clear areas of the packaging (e.g., windows).

Recommended: In addition to sending us the editable file(s), please send either a flattened jpg or pdf, of your final design, as a soft proof. With the proof of your design, our designers are better equipped to compare your approved design with the editable file(s) sent, ensuring that all elements are present.


All fonts must be converted to outlines in the document or included with design files. The benefit of outlined fonts is that design remains intact, while the drawback is text cannot be edited. Outlined fonts are preferred.


Please submit artwork in Pantone color format. We will have to separate and reformat any artwork that is not given to us, layered by specific Pantone color. When using Pantone colors, you must include color codes (i.e., Pantone Number). Providing a printed sample to match colors will help ensure proper print matching (sample is not required). Providing a printed sample to match colors will help ensure proper print matching (sample not required). Please send any printed samples to the ClearBags representative you are working with.

RGB format will NOT be accepted.

If your art is in CMYK format, we will convert the colors to Pantone and try to color match to the best of our abilities. Colors converted from CMYK may not exactly match (we can typically get a 90% color match). Please provide Pantone colors if you want to ensure 100% color match.


Use pink (or another color if you already have a pink color in your file) to represent clear, white, and special finishes such as a matte or glossy finish. The color layer can be layered on part or all of the image. Donte what this color means in the file.


Please use a 1/8” bleed (i.e., extend artwork 1/8” beyond die line).


The resolution should be 300 dpi and 100% in size. Having our artists resize elements could result in image quality loss.


Please submit artwork to the representative assisting with your order via email (if less than 50MB), Google Drive, or WeTransfer.com.


Please direct any questions to the customer service representative assisting you with your order, chat with us, or call 800-233-2630.

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