If I am a stationery seller and I need packaging, how thick of a bag do I need?

Our standard bags for stationery packaging are 1.6 mil and that's sustainable for packaging one or more cards if you’re talking about bags. If you’re talking about boxes, we usually do 12 mil PET or PVC.

Do you have any other sizes besides 1.6 mil?

Yes. You can go a little bit lighter with our 1.2 mil value bags. You can also go thicker with a 2 mil bag, a laminated bag, or custom mil size. Our standard laminated bags are greater than 2 mil thick. For a custom order, we can go up to 3.5 mil in the BOPP which is our standard bag material that we use for our flap seal bags and no flap bags. We also have eco-clear biodegradable bags that vary between 1.2 mil and 1.6 mil. So, you have a lot of choices.

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